Order Date :September 18th,2018


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  •  Spicy Chicken Bites

    Spicy Chicken Bites

    Crispy chicken tossed in a spicy sweet chili-ginger sauce.

  •  Chili Cheese Fries

    Chili Cheese Fries

    Seasoned fries loaded with all-beef chili, cheese sauce,...

  • Crispy Jalapeño Shooters

    Crispy Jalapeño Shooters

    Three-cheese stuffed jalapeños. Served with avocado-lime...

  •  Sweet Corn Fritters

    Sweet Corn Fritters

    Crispy bites of sweet corn served with red chili ranch.

  •  Housemade Kettle Chips

    Housemade Kettle Chips

    Housemade Kettle chips with smoky barbeque and...